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| Ham Bbq Chili Sauce | | Egg Custard Pudding |

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as there are various versions of this recipe on zaar, but this one is my favorite. i grew up on bbq chipped chopped ham sandwiches. this was pretty good, but i thought there was a strong "clove" taste, maybe from the chili sauce or the relish? all in all this was good.

They're sort of sloppy joes using shaved ham instead of ground beef. here is the recipe given to me by my mother which she claims tastes like what she used to get from isaly's: 1.5 cups ginger ale; 12 oz heinz chili sauce; homemade bbq sauce - do you? (51 replies)

Chipped chopped ham barbecue originated in pittsburgh, pa. no, it's not barbecue, so i don't know why it's called that. the authentic version uses local ingredients such as heinz chili sauce and isaly's chipped chopped ham. the bbq song

Place tacos, chicken, peanut-red chili sauce, red cabbage slaw and relish in bowls and on serving platters and serve ham on the street picture of yucatan chicken puffy tacos with peanut-red chili bbq sauce and red cabbage slaw recipe

The kicker is the peanut chili bbq sauce. there are so many layers of flavorreally deep and satisfying. this was a real winner and definitely one to keep and make again and again. complex, smokey, sweet, rich, tangyeverything you could want from a dish and more. ham on the street

Back home ham bbq sandwiches entrees - maindishes / gameday-tailgate ; place ham in slow cooker. in a separate bowl whisk together chili sauce vinegar, water, brown sugar, worchestire sauce and dry mustard.

Bbq sauce for grilling hot ham bbq melt butter, then skillet. add chili sauce and then chipped ham. stir and heat. serve on english muffin or round rolls.

Home > recipes > hot chili sauce heinz hot ham bbq melt butter, then to skillet. add chili sauce and then chipped ham. stir and heat. serve on english muffin or round rolls.

I cant find old recipe for the crockpot weinies with the grape jelly sauce. i remeber the jelly and some bbq sauce and chili sauce. can anyone help? ham and pear panini

1 4-5 pound boneless fresh ham, or pork leg 1 cup chili sauce bbq recipes

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| Ham Bbq Chili Sauce | | Egg Custard Pudding |

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